Agrifood company

Client Portal


As part of Agrifood company’s digital transformation strategy, the Client Portal streamlines communication with clients, letting them check the status of orders, access order history, manage orders, access delivery notes and invoices history and manage complaints.

The web application is implemented with the most modern javascript frameworks, which provide an outstanding user experience, and is built on a Frontend-Backend architecture, through CQRS API, which keeps most of the business logic outside the web application.

It is fully integrated within company’s industrial processes: its bidirectional integration with the ERP allows orders to be processed automatically, reaching the production lines.

In short, a new portal that makes life easier for the company’s clients.

Order Management

Customers can check the status of their orders at any time, and access their order history. The order entry tool facilitates the creation of orders, based on other orders previously placed.

Delivery and invoices Management

From the deliveries and invoices history, you can check the status of deliveries, download delivery notes, review and download invoices.

Complaints Management

This tool allows customers to file a complaint in the event that something has gone wrong. The complaint is sent in real time to the incident control panels and the teams in charge of customer care are notified.