Employee Portal


As part of Agrifood Company’s digital transformation strategy, the Employee Portal aims at facilitating the relationship & communication between the firm and its employees.

Workers can declare the worked hours, manage their vacation days or justified absences, sign up for the canteen service, book an appointment with the company doctor, etc..

The web application is implemented with the most modern javascript frameworks, which provide a very good user experience, and employs a Backend architecture, using CQRS API (which keeps most of the business logic outside the web application).

Its complete integration with Agrifood Company’s HR processes make of the Employee Portal an ideal tool.

Time Management

The worked hours declaration tool lets the company comply with the regulations of Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, on the mandatory recording of working days, and supports all type of teams and situations (direct & indirect labor, on-site or remote work, commercial field workers, agricultural workers, etc.), both from desktop and mobile applications, on and offline.


The vacation and absence management tool not only streamlines the company’s vacation & absence request and approval process, but lets the organization plan, manage and track employee absences, including vacation, leave sick and so on.

canteen Management

The canteen management module within the Employee Portal provides an end to end solution for simplifying the canteen management operations. Booking a canteen service, choosing a specific menu, registering the availing of canteen services for an employee or a guest becomes a paperless and efficient process that can be easily executed from a desktop or a mobile app. Additionally, all data is integrated with the HR payroll system.

Medical service

Access to the company’s medical service is simpler and more private and confidential than ever thanks to the Medical Service module of the Employee Portal, accessible from desktop and mobile applications. Medical service availability queries are streamlined, communication between the medical staff and the worker becomes immediante while preserving its strictly personal and confidential status.