New IBE integration into AWS Cloud


2020 was the deadline set up by the company to integrate the new Internet Booking Engine (IBE) in the AWS Cloud. Security and high availability were the two main pillars of the project.

Disaster recovery

Because a disaster event can potentially take down the workload, the objective for DR should be bringing the workload back up or avoiding downtime altogether.

With Multi-AZ and Multi-Region strategy we offer resources and services to build a DR strategy that meets customer business needs.


AWS Security Hub to automate security checks and centralize security alerts from many AWS services such as Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, IAM Access Analyzer, Amazon Macie.


Simplifying compliance management with built-in mapping capabilities for common frameworks like Center for Internet Security (CIS) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

And also reducing resolution time with automated responses and remediation actions.


Monitoring & Alerting

Web application firewall service that lets customers monitor web requests that are forwarded to Application Load Balancer. Bot control to be protected against automated bots that can consume excess resources, skew business metrics, cause downtime, or perform malicious activities.