Voxel Group

Mentoring for DevOps Adoption


The HiK Consulting – BPO team assigned a mentor to accompany the customer’s infrastructure team, to guide them in adopting DevOps techniques like IaC (Infrastructure as Code) development and testing, Build & Release Automation, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Deployment Strategies, etc.


HiK staff also trained the infrastructure team in the use of technologies and tools that were closely related to the prior techniques, like Terraform, Vault, Terratest, golang, Jenkins, Visual Studio Code and git.

Technical Sessions

The mentoring actions included technical sessions, where defined some abstraction layers (building blocks and stacks) to express infrastructure, teached DevOps concepts, and participated in team and pair programming, both in site-based and online formats.

The mentor also integrated with the team to help in the adoption process of the techniques and technologies, participating in its agile rituals and dynamics, and collaborating in defining and implementing the migration of some real projects of infrastructure migration to the new DevOps-based IaC + Automation paradigm.