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Cloud Services

HiK Cloud Services Division:

No matter where you are

Our Cloud Services Team leads projects defining the cloud strategy from the beginning, helps clients with already defined strategies to implement them, audits, diagnoses and corrects existing cloud infrastructures and carries out total or partial migrations of services (between cloud providers or from on premise installations). Always with an obsession for value creation (monitoring tools of the business processes deployed in the infrastructure) and cost efficiency (continuous monitoring of the hardware and its adaptation to the real needs).


Where critical, high performance infrastructures are needed. Our High Performance Cloud Architecture (HPCLA™) provides:

Unparalleled Deployment Speed

Many deployment tasks are fully automated (kubernetes clusters, MongoDB servers, RabbitMQ services, HAProxy load balancers, …)

Outstanding performance & robustness

Real time auto-scaling, cutting-edge disaster recovery processes, our cloud infrastructures have native high stress readiness

Cost Efficiency

Real time auto scaling combined with embedded monitoring dashboards guarantee 100% cost efficient infrastructures

Disaster Recovery

Our infrastructure is designed for any eventuality. It is up and running in a matter of minutes.

Safety First

Protecting your systems with the most advanced technology.
Identity & access management  to securely manage identities, resources, and permissions Network & application protection to enforce fine-grained security policy at network control points inspecting and filtering traffic to prevent unauthorized resource access Threat detection & continuous monitoring by continuously monitoring the network activity Compliance & data privacy using automated compliance checks based on the best practices and industry standards

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